Strategic Engagement

Strategic planning is easy. Converting strategic plans into operational success, or strategic engagement, has proven far more problematic.

How many times have you come away feeling energized by a significant strategic planning offsite, only to discover months later nothing changed?

In some organizations, there are no repercussions for inaction – lack of strategic engagement becomes part of the culture.  Other organizations are strong strategic enablers, but they have that one stubborn issue that will not gain meaningful traction.

Strategic engagement goes beyond another kick-off meeting with action lists. Organizations need to align three factors to convert strategic plans into operational reality: business practices, culture, and people. A highly risk adverse culture, for example, is unlikely to enable a strategic initiative that requires employees to adopt new business practices.  Sometimes it is individual people, or groups, that block strategic engagement, and these blockers may require retraining or reassignment.  Most often, the strategic engagement problem starts at the top.  Well-meaning senior managers lack the time, tools, and support to convert a new strategic thrust into measurable results.  The strategic process starts with great focus and energy, but the strategic initiative gradually fades into the background as high-priority business priorities highjack best intentions.

EXA provides the strategic engagement support that executive managers need.  We understand strategic engagement is everyone’s responsibility, but most importantly it starts at the top.  We begin by scanning your internal business practices, culture, and people, and identify where the strengths and weaknesses lie.  We then work with you to chart a detailed, customized action plan that leverages the strengths of your organization.  Finally, EXA supports the sequenced execution of your action plan, and we help you craft and deliver both team-specific and corporate-wide messaging that every learning organization requires.