Proposal Leadership

Complexity is the enemy. Major Crown proposals have become so complex and vast that seasoned proposal managers do not always know where to start.

A tiny but critical detail among the thousands of RFP requirements increases perilously as proposal teams grow exhausted in the last days before the RFP closing date.

EXA applies a proven proposal management process that simultaneously manages complexity along three dimensions: RFP requirements, document development, and people.  For RFP requirements, we use a proven, high-level RFP requirements management methodology that easily maps onto a requirements management tool, such as DOORS™, or just as easily onto a cluster of spreadsheets, such as Excel™.  The EXA method includes configuration and revision management of RFP documents (through amendments); proposal documents; and support documents.  EXA also ensures bidirectional traceability between RFP requirements and proposal responses.

For document development, EXA uses a proven, industry-standard approach to distill complex RFP requirements into manageable units, and then we create a detailed proposal outline based on those units. EXA then develops a work package for each author.  Each work package includes comprehensive guidance showing the author how to respond to each requirement, and what information to include.

As part of the document development, EXA shepherds the proposal writing through a gated process, including Pink, Striped, Red, and Gold reviews.  Each review acts as both a gate to the proposal development process and as a document readiness assessment.  EXA also manages the proposal final production and delivery.

EXA has a cadre of specialists who support the document solution development, writing, editing, and formatting.  For content, EXA has management, technical, financial, and ITB/VP specialists.

Many employees who participate in a proposal have real jobs elsewhere, and they are not fully immersed in the proposal development process.  A great deal of EXA’s role is providing leadership to personnel regarding skill enhancement and coordination with other proposal writers.