Capture Leadership

EXA provides the full spectrum of capture leadership services, starting with market segmentation through to proposal development and planning.

EXA delivers proven capture leadership in opportunity qualification, pursuit planning and costing, gate reviews, win strategy, black hat analysis, early solution development, corporate teaming, capture team formation, client intelligence, client meetings, and industry meetings.  EXA can provide complete cradle-to-grave capture management support, or we can deliver any portions of capture management support along the full spectrum, as the client chooses.

At the early market segmentation phase, EXA helps clients position their business development and capture strategies in unfamiliar markets.   As the capture capability matures, EXA helps identify and qualify pursuit targets based on strategic, business, and win probability factors.

Once a pursuit target is selected, EXA supports the capture planning for that opportunity, including timelines, resources, budgets, and win strategies.  EXA can help and lead gate review preparation and black hat teams.   We also work with your executives to support your teaming decisions, including the teaming structure.

As the pursuit approaches the proposal phase, EXA helps ramp up the proposal support systems you will need in time for the RFP release.   We also work with the larger capture team, including the proposal manager and the proposed project manager, to help plan the upcoming proposal effort.